Low Radiation Lighting for Food Display Cases

Food is a basic human need. We all have to eat however, we crave the satisfaction and enjoyment of eating a variety of foods. For food vendors, it is vital that the food they offer not only look fresh and appealing but taste fresh and appealing. With the public becoming more and more critical in terms of freshness and quality, it's important that what we see makes us salivate in eagerness and not cringe in disgust.

Traditional fluorescent lighting causes rapid food deteroration. The heat and light radiation that is emitted causes foods to undergo unhealthy changes which affects its appearance, taste and food safety. The display case light might illuminate the case with bright light however it is sacrificing the shelf life and edible nature of the food on display.

supermarket store lighting The radiation given off from non-food specific lighting in supermarket display cases impacts a variety of perishable products like meat, seafood, deli meats & cheeses, produce and bakery items. Improper lighting adversely affects the color, rate of spoilage, flavor and smell.

Regular supermarket display case lighting stunts a meat's blooming period, changing the meat's natural color and increases bacteria growth.

With organic food gaining popularity and appealing to a larger market, the organic cuts of meat in a store's meat display cases are even more sensitive to light and heat.
organic meat selection case lights

The shelf life of organic meat items will not last as long AND will spoil at a faster rate under improper light sources.

Shopper's Notice A Product's Appearance

Research has shown that consumers base a meat's tenderness, flavor, moistness and food safety all on the meat's color and perceived appearance. This is especially true for a supermarket's deli department. Sausages, cheeses, and deli meats are a bit of an impulse buy, and that's why it's important that a customer's first glance be one that appeals to them instead of making them question what they are looking at.

supermarket seafood food-safe lighting Other departments also require proper, food safe lighting for greater merchandising appeal and added shlef life. The lighting used in seafood display cases is extremely important as seafood and fish fillets spoil at a faster rate and have a higher risk of bacteria and pathogens than most other foods.

Unfiltered levels of radiation and heat can raise the temperature of seafood to rise to unsafe levels. Anything above 29 degrees Fahrenheit is a hot bed for bacteria growth. Radiation and heat will also draw moisture out of the seafood, affecting final sale weight and profit margins.

grocery store food lighting design

Buying Specialty Food Case Lights

Purchasing the right specialty light for food display cases is a valuable and cost-efffective purchase. Investing in the right case lighting for a store's display equipment will save more food and genreate more sales and will boost overall profit margins.

Store employees will will spend less time tending to display cases and shoppers will enjoy an appetizing selection of food is fresh, moist and flavorful. Food will sell faster and customers will be more satisfied with the fresh food selection.

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