Even the most elaborate product packaging or the most convincing sales copy won't get much attention if the product is placed in a poorly lit display.

Use PROMOLUX Food Lamps in Every Grocery Department

Proper lighting is essential in supermarkets and independent shops since it contributes to the visual appeal of the products. All product display cases in every grocery department will benefit by having top quality food lamps like PROMOLUX installed. Use PROMOLUX lights to your advantage and show off the natural color and freshness of your products - invite shoppers to stop and peruse the products on display and entice them to make a purchase.

Even the most elaborate product packaging or the most convincing sales copy is not enough to grab people's attention as they walk by your service counters. When you use a food specialty lamp like PROMOLUX, the products are showcased in a more natural light that appeals to shoppers visual sense. All they see is outstanding product quality; the food instantly tempts the shoppers eyes and stomach and sales soar!

PROMOLUX lamps are ideal for grocery departments & food display cases...

Meat Cases

shopper selecting meat-meat lights

It's quite the challenge to maintain meat's color, texture, moisture and freshness throughout the day when regular food lamps are used. Although good lighting can attract customers, standard fluorescent lamps do very little in terms of shelf life and product appearance for many fresh foods.

When we shop, we just don't grab the first one we see in the meat cases, do we? We check the expiration date, the color, the smell, even the texture before we put select one and put it in our cart.

The radiation and heat produced by regular lamps often makes meat go dry and look brown-ish. Regular lights not only affect the appearance of meat, they also affect the meat's smell, flavor, freshness and rate of decomposition. And shoppers spot those differences and they become part of the selection process.

PROMOLUX lights use Safe Spectrum technology and as a result PROMOLUX emits significantly lower levels of heat and radiation, extending shelf life and protecting the color, texture and moisture of perishable food products. With PROMOLUX meat maintains it's bloom, it's moisture and looks mouth-watering to every passing shopper!

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Seafood Cases

seafood service case lights

Seafood is one of the most expensive items in the grocery industry. Incorrect food lights installed in many seafood service counters impact profit margins as fish fillets and shellfish quickly spoil and lose their freshness.

PROMOLUX low radiation lamps do not emit as much radiation and heat as other fluorescent lights thereby significantly reducing the rate of spoilage for all seafood. Seafood departments and independent fish markets will notice improved product integrity as PROMOLUX keeps seafood fresh and moist, even protecting ice beds from quickly melting!

Deli Cases

deli service case lights

Sausages, shaved deli meats, sliced deli cheeses and freshly prepared deli salads…they're all so delectable! Many of these foods have high amounts of preservatives and incorporate creams and butters which means they will go bad if they are so exposed to high temperature and light for long periods of time.

For many deli departments and delicatessans, the challenge to display freshly prepared deli items comes at the sacrifice of constantly tending to the displays and trimming the dried, discolored items from the top. But it doesn't have to.

PROMOLUX lights work great in refrigerated deli showcases. They filter the heat and light that affects sensitive deli items, saving product, time and monmey which can transalte into thousands of dollars and make all the difference in a struggling economy.

Bakery Cases

bakery case lighting

Fancy deserts and colorful cakes are all about presentation. Customers love the colors, the flavors, the aroma and freshness of bakery items. When it comes to sweets, delightful presentation and colors can't be maintained under the heat and glare of case lighting unless PROMOLUX lights are installed.

Standard fluorescent lights emit too much heat and radiation for delicate bakery items which are created using creams, butters to make the fancy frostings and fillings.

bakery items fading, drying out

With the wrong lamps, delicious creations become stale, lifeless, and colors fade away as frostings become paler and harder with each passing moment. By the end of the day, the pastries won't sell, and into the trash they go. That's a sad story.

PROMOLUX fluorescent lamps keep your pastries fresher longer and protect the hard work and value that goes into each creation so both you and your customers are rewarded.

Produce Cases

When it comes to produce, freshness is the most important factor that customers look for. No one wants to buy overly ripe fruits and vegetables -they want to buy produce items that will last for a dew days before, whose nutrients and flavour are at their highest before they are eaten. If the produce selection looks dull, dry and spoiled, customers will think that the product is old stock and that it doesn't contain the same nutrient value as the items at the market down the street.

produce department case & overhead lighting

PROMOLUX can help you maintain produce's natural color and freshness. Designed as sfood specific light, PROMOLUX emits over 86% less UV radiation than other food lamps. With PROMOLUX, fruits and veggies stay fresh and enjoy a longer shelf life for greater shopper satisifaction.

Dairy/Beverage Cases

Dairy products and beverages are very sensitive to light and heat. To provide them the protection they need, many grocery retailers install PROMOLUX lights in their dairy cases and refrigerated display equipment merchandisers.

Many dairy items react to the ambient heat and radiation that infiltrates the case from both the store level and from the case lights. To help dairy products like cheese, yogurt, and milk stay fresher longer use PROMOLUX in your dairy line-ups. As an innovative and effective supermarket soltuion to the challenges of merchandising and food safety, PROMOLUX supports product freshness and integrity for extended shelf life and maximum profit margin retention.

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