Frequently Asked Questions

"Do Promolux bulbs fit into standard fixtures?

Do Promolux fit into standard fixtures?Yes. PROMOLUX manufactures over 28 types of fluorescent lamps, designed to easily install with any lamp fixture and ballast requirements currently used in the commercial display cases. PROMOLUX is available in every standard size, wattage, length, and contact pin/lamp base prevalent in the lighting industry. Simply match the existing type of lamp in use with the corresponding PROMOLUX lamp and stat saving.

"Why is the pricing of PROMOLUX lamps different than other fluorescents bulbs?"

Why are Promolux more expensive than other fluorescents?The main reason that Promolux is priced differently than other fluorescent lamps is largely in part due to the quality of materials used in the construction of the light.

The rare earth high quality phosphor component that PROMOLUX uses is twenty (20) times more expensive than that used by other standard light manufacturers. In fact, the phosphor used in PROMOLUX tubes has only previously been used for coating the surface of color television picture tubes. The PROMOLUX phosphor combination is perfectly mixed for a balanced spectrum and has achieved the highest color preference rating among shoppers.

As part of the manufacturing process and our commitment to engineering lamps with longer life hours, there is more gas compressed into the bulb for greater longevity and performance. Although all of these components cannot readily be seen, these features represent a longer life for the lamp and the savings for intstalling PROMOLUX into display cases is passed on to the retailer.

PROMOLUX lamps are not manufactured in the massive quantities one would expect for brands that are used typically in applications such as ceilings, offices, schools, hospitals and warehouse lighting. PROMOLUX adopts smaller runs of certain sizes in order to meet current and future needs for PROMOLUX customers. This ensures store owners and lighting specialists are buying the latest in lamp technology for optimum performance in their retail display cases.

"Are PROMOLUX lights single or multi-coated and does the it make a difference?"

supermarket store lighting project Promolux bulbs

PROMOLUX fluorescent lamps are multi-coated, whereas other regular lamps are single coated. This provides color rendering that is consistent during thousands of hours of operation and provides the highest efficiency in lumen output per watt. To reduce the emission of harmful radiation (visible and non-visible portion of the spectrum incluidng ultraviolet), PROMOLUX combines the use of special glass and phosphor additives.

"How long is the Payback Period for PROMOLUX bulbs?"

Promolux lights store installation

Typically most retailers and shop owners will realize a payback period of 90 days or less. However, for many stores and markets the payback period is significantly shorter.

It depends upon the shrink management programs and shrink levels at the store level; there are many businesses who realize a drastic reduction in spoiled foods after installing PROMOLUX in their showcases. For these customers the lamps will pay for themselves in a matter of weeks!

PROMOLUX lamps last for many hours and will almost always outlast other fluorescent lamps on the market, providing you with superior coloring and shelf life protection for a longer period.

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