Low Radiation Lighting for Food Display Cases

Food Display Case LightingPromolux Lighting International makes low UV lighting, color balanced and specially designed for the retail food industry.

Illuminate your colorful fresh food displays and combine the merchandising advantages of superior color rendering with the benefits of extended shelf life and reduced light induced surface damage.

Retail Grocery Display Lighting

The pioneer in true and natural color definition lighting, Promolux Safe Spectrum Lighting gives food retailers the ultimate merchandising advantage for food displays with balanced color rendering and low UV radiation.

Promolux lamps produce less ultraviolet radiation and heat than other commercial lighting commonly found in retail food departments.

When you simply turn up the lights in order to display your fresh foods to best advantage, commonly used commercial lamps are often too bright and produce washed out colors by emphasizing strong yellow and green portions of the visible spectrum. High intensity display case lighting can expose perishable foods to increased heat and radiation from infrared and ultraviolet rays that cause discoloration, surface fading and spoiling.

Promolux lighting is the perfect choice for illuminating every supermarket department such as refrigerated meat displays, chilled seafood beds, colorful fresh produce displays of vegetables and fruits, and illuminated bakery display cabinets. Keep a healthy turnover in your milk and cheese display cabinets with low UV Promolux lighting.

Safe Spectrum lighting by Promolux can maximize the benefits of your food displays in every department from the bakery to fresh produce. You can improve your meat and seafood counters and keep your prepared food service sales active with attractive displays of appetizing deli dishes, takeout sandwiches, salads and ready-to-eat sliced meats.

Higher consumer appeal and less time on the shelf means that your store can deliver fresher food products and attract more return customers. Maintain the best appearance of all fresh display merchandisers while reducing food safety problems that can arise from high UV lamps.

The Promolux Balanced Spectrum lighting advantage is easy to see:

  • food lighting for superior color rendering in all kinds of retail display cabinets
  • food safe lighting for perishable food displays
  • profitable - attract sales and extend shelf life.

Promolux true balanced spectrum lamps alleviate food lighting problems in retail display cases.

Low Radiation Balanced Spectrum Lighting is Food Safe and Profitable

promolux superior color spectrumHow does lighting science apply to the food marketing industry? It is clear that a skewed color balance from artificial lamps can distort natural food colors. In contrast, Promolux lamps are designed to encompass a full portion of the color spectrum. Including the darker colors will give a slight impression of less brightness, but it will dramatically increase the vividness of colors that exist in the merchandise placed beneath the lamps.

But the benefits do not end with superior lighting effects of high impact color by Promolux. Food safety is becoming an increasingly important issue for governments, manufacturers, food retailers and consumers and food safety can be compromised by the impact of light on fresh foods. UV radiation leads to discoloration of food surfaces and excessive heat from the lamps causes drying and the formation of skins on creamy food surfaces.

Promolux retail food service lighting emits lower levels of ultraviolet radiation and heat than other commercial lighting commonly found in food service outlets, making these specialty food service display case lamps the perfect lighting choice for the retail food industry.

Safespectrum food safe lighting from Promolux specializes in food safety and retail display lighting.

Information for Promolux Lighting Distributors

Join the thousands of progressive retailers worldwide and discover the most exciting merchandising innovation now available for lighting perishable foods.

Promolux invites distributors of retail lighting products to add a product line of specialty food lamps designed to meet the needs of the retail food industry - for all fresh and prepared food display showcases. If you are a distributor of quality lighting products, join the leading team of distributors of specialty food lighting by adding Promolux lamps to your product line. Get information for distributors about PROMOLUX true color lighting products.

Retail Deli Display Cases

PROMOLUX food lighting boosts sales in deli and packaged foods departments and reduce surface fading and spoiling.

Store lighting often causes surface fading of cured and processed deli meats such as ham, bacon, salami, pastrami, and pepperoni. While packages of deli ham exposed to merchandiser lighting become faded, those protected from the light remain bright pink. Sliced cheese and fresh salads exposed to light are especially susceptible to drying and fading and quickly lose their appeal sitting in the display case.

Click here for information on PROMOLUX deli foodlighting.

Bakery Display Cases

Promolux lamps bring out the best in freshly baked breads, cakes and pastries.

When bakery display case lighting distorts the true colors of bakery and dessert displays, cake icings and fruit toppings appear yellowish and unappetizing. General purpose fluorescent lamps often used in supermarket in-store bakeries are skewed to emphasize yellow and green, and do not display white or red colors accurately. Breads and cakes become dehydrated and prematurely stale, and fresh ingredients spoil. Heat and radiation from bakery display case lamps cause fresh fruit to soften and encourage the growth of food-borne pathogens in desserts containing dairy cream fillings. Under regular bakery display case lamps, cream oxidizes, resulting in off-flavors and a loss of vitamin A.

More information on Promolux bakery display lighting.

Grocery Store Produce Displays

Produce will become the centerpiece of your store with Promolux, when every product appears richer and irresistibly fresh, with vivid just-picked colors.

Ideally, fruits and vegetables should be stored in a cool, dark place, away from the adverse effects of light. Light from natural and artificial sources accelerates the ripening process of fruits and vegetables, causing bananas, berries, and apricots to quickly become overripe. Bean sprouts grow past their ideal tender stage in hours when exposed to light.

In the ripening process, ethylene gas is released, which in turn causes nearby fruits and vegetables to ripen more quickly, and they can decay and rot before they can be sold. Promolux balanced spectrum lamps alleviate such produce display lighting problems.

More information on Promolux produce display lighting.

Shrinkage in Produce Department Salad Bars

Leafy green vegetables decay and wilt prematurely under the heat from regular supermarket produce display case lighting, causing supermarket salad bars and buffets to lose their freshness and appeal. The cost of grocery store produce shrinkage from dehydration can be as high as $1 per foot per day.

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