Food Retail Store Lighting - An Engaging Opportunity

Join thousands of progressive retailers worldwide and discover the most exciting merchandising innovation in lighting designed specifically for th eapplication of fresh food displays.

PROMOLUX invites distributors of retail lighting products to add a product line of specialty food lamps designed to meet the needs of the retail food industry - for all fresh and prepared food display showcases. If you are a distributor of quality lighting products, join the leading team of distributors of specialty food lighting by adding PROMOLUX lamps to your product line.

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The Prospect of In-Store And Display Case Lighting

Retail Meat & Seafood Displays

Image of a Promolux distributor installing lightsPROMOLUX food lighting protects sensitive and valuable cuts of meat and fillets of fish. Moisture content, color and appearance are critical to sales, especially in service showcases. Shoppers are extremely particular about the quality and freshness of meat and seafood products.

Improper lighting will often wash out the dramatic colors and marbling of prime cuts of meat. Seafood fillets dry out and start to smell; ice beds quickly melt under the heat and sales drop as a result. But you have the opportunity to offer your clients a practical and effective solution to their daily merchandising challenges. Simply replace their current lights with PROMOLUX - a food specific light source in their fresh meat ans ervice seafood showcases.

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Retail Deli Display Cases

Image of a Promolux deli lightsPROMOLUX food lighting boosts sales in deli and packaged foods departments and reduce surface fading and spoiling.

Commercial case lighting often causes surface fading of cured and processed deli meats such as ham, bacon, salami, pastrami, and pepperoni. In comparison, packages of deli meats exposed to strong merchandiser lighting fade and discolor quickly while those merchandised under PROMOLUX remain colorful and moist.

Sliced cheeses and prepared deli salads exposed to light are especially susceptible to drying and fading and quickly lose their customer appeal sitting in the display case. But with your help, your delicatessan clients can take back their displays and differentiate themselves while protecting their deli items for greater profit retention.

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Bakery Display Cases

Image of a Promolux bakery case lights PROMOLUX lamps bring out the best in freshly baked breads, cakes and pastries.

When bakery display case lighting distorts the true colors of bakery and dessert displays, it affects sales. Bakery items are typically an impulse purchase. When cake icings fade and harden and fruit toppings no longer look fresh, the entire dessert becomes unappetizing to the customer.

General purpose fluorescent lamps often used in supermarket in-store bakeries are skewed to emphasize yellow and green, and do not do justice to the vibrant colors of many bakery treats. Breads and cakes become dehydrated and prematurely stale, and cream fillings acan quickly spoil.

Heat and light radiation from bakery display case lamps can be quite a problem for some bakeries and chocolatiers. Under regular bakery display case lamps, cream fillings quickly oxidize, resulting in off-flavors and a loss of vitamin A. Fresh fruit becomes really soft and chocolates generate a white film coat. But with your help, indpendent bakeries can proudly display there creations knowing they will last on the shelf and their customers will enjoy every ounce of flavor.

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Grocery Store Produce Displays

Image of a Promolux produce light installationProduce departments are often the centerpiece of any store. With PROMOLUX, every fruite and vegatable item on display will appear richer in color and stay crisp and irresistibly fresh for longer.

Ideally, fruits and vegetables should be stored in a cool, dark place, away from the adverse effects of light. Light from natural and artificial sources accelerates the ripening process of fruits and vegetables, causing bananas, berries, and apricots to quickly become overripe. Bean sprouts grow past their ideal tender stage in a few hours when exposed to light.

In the ripening process, ethylene gas is released, which in turn causes nearby fruits and vegetables to ripen more quickly. For many produce items, espcially organic items they can quckly spoil even before they have the chance to be sold.

PROMOLUX balanced spectrum lamps, low radiation formula lamps alleviate such produce display lighting problems.

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Shrinkage in Foodservice Salad Bars and Food Stations

Leafy green vegetables, sliced meats and deli salads wilt and spoil prematurely under the heat from regular foodservice case lighting, causing foodservice salad bars and buffets to lose their freshness and appeal. The cost of shrinkage from dehydration can be as high as $1 per foot per day.

PROMOLUX food lights are also a great option for food service stations and prepared ready-to-eat counters.

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