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The radiation given off from fluorescent lighting in supermarket display cases has a large impact on perishable foods. Even worse, improper lighting incurs more money as shrinkage/disacrd rates rise and spoiled food is discounted or tossed out.

With PROMOLUX lights, you will make money each and every day. PROMOLUX lowers products shrink and discard levels and improves overall product freshness. The balanced spectrum of PROMOLUX lamps bathes your fresh foods in a healthy light that showcases the foods natural colors and appeals to shoppers within the store.

With superior lighting, like PROMOLUX everything will look great to your customers. And for less than a cup of coffee each day for 90 days, PROMOLUX could save you thousands of dollars. Engineered to last for years with minimal color depreciation, PROMOLUX is an investment that makes sense - dollars and cents.

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PROMOLUX easily fit into any existing lamp fixture and take minutes to install.
Save yourself or your customer thousands of dollars in lost merchandised & profits.
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