The right food light will not irradiate food, BUT will maintain product freshness and appearance.

Anyone merchandising with food needs to know how to work with lighting to ensure the food looks as appealing as possible to the customer, in order supermarket display equipment lightingto capitalize on sales opportunities. Unfortunately, many people working in food retail do not realize how the lights they currently use in their stores are having a negative impact on the appearance and freshness of their goods.

Most food retailers use "regular" fluorescent lights, which ultimately makes food appear less appealing, and affects the overall quality and integrity. Regular fluorescent lights wash out foods natural color and prevents it from retaining its natural freshness. Customers are tired of being decieved and want to purchase items that look and taste just like they were in the store case.

Fluorescent lights also have an effect on the quality of the food. Lights emitsupermarket display equipment lighting with PROMOLUX ultraviolent radiation and infrared heat, which can cause the temperature of the food to rise. This counteracts the effects of placing the food in a refrigerated case, which creates more damage as the temperature of the product fluctuates. Food that do require immediate refrigeration will also spoil faster under these types of conditions.

The Signs of Improper Case Lighting

Foods that are irradiated like this day after day will produce odors and off-smells. Their colors will begin to fade and their freshness will be diminish. The overall quality becomes affected, and as a result food retailers often discount or throw away a great deal of food that no one buys since it is no longer appealing.

Food that spoils more quickly requires more employees to spend their time maintaining the food displays by trimming/discarding the spoiled items. As an alternative, the food retailer will often place food that may be close to spoiling on sale, but no matter what action is taken, the food retailer is still losing money, and much of it is due to the type of lighting used.

Save Money, Boost Sales and Attract Shoppers with Fresh, Natural Looking Foods
Use PROMOLUX Lights in Your Fresh Food Showcases

Grocery Beverage Display Case LightsIn order to save money, increase sales, and gain an advantage over the competition, grocery retailers world-wide purchase PROMOLUX lights to help them maintain the look and freshness of their perishable foods longer.

A food specific light, like PROMOLUX, will not irradiate food, instead it is specially formulated to maintain foods appearance and nutritional integrity. PROMOLUX is a merchandising tool store's use to illuminate perishable display cases, bring out the food's natural colors and protect them from accelerated spoilage.

Integrating Store Lighting Design within Food Areas

The right lighting will greatly improve the shelf life of perishable food items and allow the retailer to sell more food at full retail price. Food specific lights, like PROMOLUX will reduce surface drying of foods and keep foods fresher longer. PROMOLUX lights minimize the amount of heat internally in a display equipment, integrating well with refrigerated display cases and service counters.

Installing a light engineered specifically for food retail displays will also strengthen shopper loyalty. The more attractive and fresher the food appears, the more value customers are likely to place in the quality of the items they are purchasing.

PROMOLUX lights allow supermarket retailers to rise to the challenge of merchandising perishables and meeting food safety requirements; PROMOLUX helps retailers stay in compliance with the local health department regulations and prevent fines and closures from improper advertising and merchandising of products.

PROMOLUX only showcases a foods natural color - all customers see are the true organic qualities of the item.

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