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There is an escalating surge in the amount of people today affected by food poisoning in this country.

Recognizing the importance of consumer food safety and shopper loyalty, retail-food stores are doing their utmost to implement food safety practices and technologies. Meeting food safety standards in no longer an option; it is mandatory for any grocery store looking wishing to do business.

In order to preserve the fresh quality of perishable foods, the demand for accurate and effective food safety tools does not stop at the retail merchandising level. The observance of safe handling of grocery foods is essential but what have you considered the food safety risk for perishable foods exposed to heat and light when on display? Case lighting could be the problem for bacteria and pathogen growth and food borne illness that affects millions of individuals across North America.

Bacteria as seen through a microscope

Listeria bacteriaFood-borne bacteria imposes a substantial burden on public health and contributes significantly to the price of health care. The outbreak of food-derived maladies causes a myriad of sicknesses in the united states annually. This fact does consider the unreported cases of gastrointestinal disorder due to contaminated foods.

There is an escalating surge in the amount of people today affected by food poisoning in this country. Food-borne infections are the catalyst for millions of illnesses, thousands of hospitalizations and numerous deaths subsequent to exposure to spoiled food. This matter puts an enormous burden on the economy because of the price of lost productivity due to serious illness, is estimated to be in the range of billions of dollars annually.

Food Safety Issues and Solutions

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Underlying forces will make food-borne health problems a large concern in the years to follow. Included in this are exposure to aggressive pathogenic agents; improper-food processing, storage and distribution problems, insufficient training and education of retail associates, and increased imports of foods from unregulated sources. Consequently, these aspects will raise the amount of people who are at risk, especially as our population ages and the number of people with weakened immune systems grows.

Another factor that adversely affects the retail-food safety is the practice of installing improper lighting in perishable-food displays. The use of common fluorescent lights in fresh food display cases is contributing to substantial financial loss for retailers in terms of spoiled product and placing additional risks on shoppers for purchasing spoiled foods.

The problem with common light sources is the extremely high levels of ultraviolet and iridescence continuously being discharged. Additionally, the emissions accelerate chemical changes in the foods which is evidenced by visual and olfactory variations in the product. However, there is an effective and affordable solution. Specialized lighting, like PROMOLUX is designed specifically for fresh meats and other perishable food display cases. Formulated to showcase a products natural colors while minimizing the harmful effects of case lights. PROMOLUX

In comparison with regular fluorescent lighting, PROMOLUX is effective in mitigating bacteria and pathogen growth thereby keeping foods fresh and nutritional. Competitively, supermarket chains recognize the significance of superior quality lighting and its role in merchandising fresh food departments and retaining shopper loyalty in this aggressive industry.

Supermarket Lighting - A Sustainable Investment

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Investing in PROMOLUX leads to reduced product loss, minimzed shrinkage rates and improved sales and profit margins. For over 15 years, PROMOLUX lighting has been the choice of leading supermarkets, specialty shops and food service institutions world-wide. A few of PROMOLUX's benefits include greater visual merchandising appeal and extended product storage time.

Developed to maintain freshness of perishable foods, PROMOLUX provides the "knock-out punch" needed to prevent spoilage in foods and meet food safety initiatives.