"How Do Fluorescent Lamps Work?"

UV excites phosphors in the fluorescent tube. The phospohor creates radiation which emits light. Electric discharge reacts with mercury vapor (mercury liquid under pressure is mercury vapor). Mercury vapor conducts electricity.

You remove oxygen from fluorescents and replace with inert gas. The greater the vaccum pressure the greater the life of the lamp however, they also become harder to start and the type of ballast used becomes more important.

How to Flourescent Lamps WorkFluorescents have the highest lumen per watt. Objects reflect color from the light source which occurs from phosphors. The quality of the phosphors are directly related to the color quality of the lamp. Phosphors have varying rates of decay. Multi-coated lamps help slow the phosphors rate of decay.

Food displays need to be lit with the appropriate amount of light relative to other light sources for the best merchandising appeal and extension of shelf life.

"What Sets PROMOLUX Apart?"

PROMOLUX uses only the highest quality phosphors for the greatest phosphor life and color rendering. PROMOLUX color stability is longer than ever with minimal decay. The glass used in PROMOLUX's design has a built-in filter for additional uv protectionHow light impacts food. PROMOLUX uses multi-phosphor coatings for extended lamp life and superior color performance. PROMOLUX emits 86% less radiation than other fluorescent lamps.

How Lighting Impacts Foods

Color changes are a great indicator of chemical changes in foods, as are smells which are indicative of temperature fluctuations and sopiled food. Porus fruits emit a gas when exposed to light/radiation which also causes other fruits and veggies to ripen prematurely.

All perishable food displays should be fitted with the correct lights relative to other in-store light sources for the best merchandising appeal and extension of shelf life. PROMOLUX balanced spectrum low radiation lights are uniquely designed as a food specialty light for food retail display equipment.

Using the highest quality of rare earth phosphors along with a specially formulated Shatter-Resistant Safety Coating, PROMOLUX lights protect perishable foods promoting longer shelf life and sustained product freshness and integrity.